Listserv: reach 500 members and the community


Membership to Newcomers & Neighbors of Short Hills & Millburn includes immediate access to a tool that allows you to query the community for recommendations about:


·  A babysitter or childcare                                                       

·  A painter because you can't do it yourself                         

·  A contractor to fix your roof or other parts of your house

·  An interior decorator or great furniture buys

·  A doctor, dentist or speech therapist

·  A suggestion for your child's birthday party

·  A place to donate clothing

·  Or, anything else you might need...


You’ll be able to send your own emails, see other people’s questions and recommendations, and search a rich database of information stored online. Messages are archived and you can access current and older messages via the Newcomers Google Groups. The best part is that the recommendations come from people you know and trust in our community. 

Please be sure to follow the  listserv guidelines, which will be emailed directly to you when you register.   


 Membership Registration

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